Understanding the Information Needs of Young First Time Mothers from Areas of Multiple Deprivation

Funding:  Economic and Social Research Council

Partners: Glasgow Life and Barnardo’s

Start date: June 1st 2015                                End date: Nov 30th 2017


This project is a major ESRC funded information poverty study conducted in partnership with Glasgow Life and Barnardo’s.  It aims to explore how public information providers spanning (but not limited to) health, social care, and education can support young first time mothers and their children to prosper in the digital age.

This research seeks to better understand what information young parents want, how they wish to access it, the challenges they face, and what helps young people find the information they need. This project brings together theories of social capital and social networks with theories and models of information behaviour to address issues of information poverty in both the physical and digital space.

Our findings will be of interest to academics and practitioners.  They will assist services in providing evidence-based support to a range of potentially marginalised, disadvantaged and stigmatised groups.